A reassuring and mastered installation worldwide for 17 years

Métamorphoze mural art workshop ensures 100% installation of all its artworks. In france and abroad. From the scaffolding to the platforms and harnesses, not to mention the transport trucks, the safety markers, and the information protocol, we have all the equipment, vehicles, tools and materials necessary for a perfectly orchestrated, controlled and secure installation.

A precise installation in france and abroad with 100% deliverability.

Based on its methodology, métamorphoze has created its own prevention plan down to the smallest detail to maximize its chances of success. The outcome: 100% deliverability.
Whether facing walls, giant facades or hanging, our designers are able to safely overcome all technical constraints.

And, more importantly, we have a zero-waste policy. Our initiatives, actions and best practices are implemented as part of our csr strategy.


Meta works & brainstorming

Master artists like to be sure that all their projects are executed with the utmost care. From creation to installation. Andy warhol, the greatest artist to have both theorized and conceptualized the new media age, even went so far as to imitate the industrial model with his legendary factory.  In this respect, the métamorphoze workshop has created an exclusive methodology faithful to this great tradition:

Our META WORKS methodology: 26 key steps including 13 dedicated to creation.

1. Visit of the premises with testing of the materials
2. Recovery of architectural parts and plans
3. Measurement
4. Listening and understanding the needs, the messages to be conveyed, the tones
5. Creative team brainstorming
6. Colorimetric analysis
7. Action by our design office
8. Writing the script
9. First draft creations by sketch
10.Sketch presentation
12.Validation for production
13.Project management & coaching
14.Provision of a complete deliverable
15.Signing of “production” vouchers for all spaces
16.Handcrafted production in our workshops in Strasbourg (France)
17.Quality control
18.Coordination with the project manager
19.Intervention protocol and prevention plan
20.Securing the area
22.Checking the installation
23.Site cleaning. 0 waste
24.Photo shooting session
25.Acceptance of work
26.Satisfaction survey

Giant fresco, xxl painted canvas,
humanizing signage.
Art in the service of design,
darchitectural decoration


An "haute couture" art workshop

We benefit from an exceptional graphic platform located 15 km south of Strasbourg, on the banks of the Ill river. We have an artistic laboratory, a writing space, a multicultural approach, and an open mind.

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100% French manufacturing workshop, paint preparation, cutting machine, large format printing, professional adhesive, our know-how is known as an art craft.

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The world is our playground. Equipped, mobile, world travelers, we deliver 100% of our projects. Our profiles? Always designers, painters, street artists with a high-level art culture.

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More than 250 works and a globe-trotting poet painter who reveals the secret of your spaces.


Listed and known

Franck Blériot and the Métamorphoze mural art workshop have gained rare exposure and reputation among many professionals in the architecture, decoration and building industries.

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