Let's talk about material. Frosted, colored, metallic, glittered, cut to the core.

Frosted, crystal, dichroic, gold, retro-reflective, metallic, printed or not… The material contributes greatly to the identity of the place and to the intimacy sought.

The material and effects enhance and nourish the decorative film.

A wide choice of decorative films.

With over 250 different decorative films, the métamorphoze workshop considers many criteria to manage the level of privacy, solar energy, solar reflection, environmental standards and of course the prm standards. We also consider the following elements: type of installation, film material, film thickness, color visible from the inside or outside.
Our services include the type of glazing used in your building: clear single glazing, tinted single glazing, reflective single glazing, double glazing, gas glazing, visible light transmission… All these factors influence the artistic approach when it comes to decorative film on exterior glass facades.

Decorative film characteristics

A vinyl sticker or decorative film is an adhesive that can be applied to a glass surface, on the inside, to be readable from the outside. Apart from store windows and windows in business premises, it can be applied on any smooth surface. Printing of a vinyl sticker is done directly on its adhesive side. The customization possibilities of this accessory are endless.

Differences between conventional vinyl and decorative film
Conventional vinyl and decorative film differ from one another in their properties and in the techniques used to manufacture them. With conventional vinyl, the adhesive material is located on the side opposite the one containing the design or text to be displayed. In fact, the message of the sticker is completely exposed to the various exterior elements.

On the other hand, the window sticker is protected by the glass and cannot be scratched, damaged, or removed from the outside. A conventional vinyl sticker will be unreadable from the outside of a window if it is applied on the inside. However, a window vinyl sticker can be placed and designed in such a way that its content is visible from the outside as well as from the inside.


Our most
recent creations in 2022

We work in France and abroad. The artistic dimension takes precedence in all Métamorphoze interventions.
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Giant fresco, xxl painted canvas,
humanizing signage.
Art in the service of design,
darchitectural decoration


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