A 360° signage for total immersion, excluding no user.

The signage called prm (person with reduced mobility) and accessibility? This is now outdated because today it is immersive and inclusive.

Immersive with the métamorphoze workshop; the prm signage is huge, monumental, beyond the frame, 360°, while providing you with a new experience. It takes over walls, ceilings, doors and floors to put the user at the center of the place, at the center of the action.
360° experience

Being able to access the services of a facility requires getting the right information at the right time, regardless of one’s disability. We can rightly speak of an “Information chain”.

Here are the main steps:

1. Locate the buildings and their accesses;

2. Be aware of the opening hours and the operation of the facility;

3. Navigate the facility and use the services;

4. Confirm direction at each intersection;

5. Validate the destination.

And to exit just go back the way you came in.
Signage for all
Inclusive; with the métamorphoze workshop, the signage messages are addressed to everyone so that they feel targeted and represented in the suggested pathway in order to find their way around and identify with it.

Gendered or non-gendered signage?

A tricky topic or, rather, a clear, transparent one? At métamorphoze, we have integrated it as a natural evolution of contemporary signage. We’ve added a research program to enhance our non-gendered art. Different times, different social demands. Lgbtq2 people want their rightful place(s). In fact, a growing number of our fellow human beings no longer define themselves as men or women. Certainly not as a man in pants and a woman in a dress. Consequently, we change software, of mentality, and therefore… Of signaling concept too.


Our most
recent creations in 2022

We work in France and abroad. The artistic dimension takes precedence in all Métamorphoze interventions.
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Giant fresco, xxl painted canvas,
humanizing signage.
Art in the service of design,
darchitectural decoration


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