"The medium is the massage" said Mc-Luhan. Ready for a new location identity?

Do you want your employees, clients, visitors, or users to have a unique experience? Do you want to give a new look to an existing building? You are moving soon and you are investing in new premises, a new hotel, a health service, a network of stores, a media library…?

Métamorphoze’s team will assist you from A to Z to create an exceptional artistic identity. We take the time to define your needs and expectations. And according to your budget, we offer the best solutions for your projects. Wall art? Fresco? Artistic signage? Master painting? The medium is the message. And naturally, if you have an architect or an interior decorator with you, we will be able to harmonize our tools to work together.

Metamorphoze your workspace, your corridors, your meeting rooms, your public spaces, your reception, your signage or simply share a work of art open to all… The success of your public spaces is also and ultimately above all a question of sensitivity. The medium is the massage, said Mc-Luhan.
To begin with, the idea is to take into account the way each person will perceive space from a sensory perspective, whether it be from sensations, atmospheres or imagination. It’s this feeling that is important. Even before any image or verbal message is given. The essence of a fresco consists of deploying forms and colors in order to promote sensory perceptions that generate positive effects in terms of psycho-emotional balance.

Artistic and technical advice to create a unique experience

There is more to getting an institutional message across. By far. A successful monumental fresco must also enhance the location’s identity in order to contribute to a sense of symbolic belonging. Space then comes into contact with its users by the action, often unconscious, of the sensitive perception which consists of receiving external convergent sensations through the five senses. A sensitive interaction exists between the person who perceives and the perceived space. This is how the feeling of a certain atmosphere emerges. This sensual perception occurs on different levels: sensory, emotional, cognitive, and psychic. The sensitive qualities of the space, together with the site’s history, create the identity and uniqueness of the place.


Our most
recent creations in 2022

We work in France and abroad. The artistic dimension takes precedence in all Métamorphoze interventions.
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Giant fresco, xxl painted canvas,
humanizing signage.
Art in the service of design,
darchitectural decoration


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