An artistic signal, a poetic direction, a humanizing marking.

Is it possible to guide or direct routes with a sense of poetry and aesthetics? Is it possible to associate art, decoration, and signage? Is it possible to avoid reducing a man or a woman to a simple outline, or a directional arrow? Is it possible to limit our movements while encircling a forbidden sign in a red disk?
Artistic, original, custom-made signage in “Métamorphoze” mode is anything but this graphic reduction of the individual. It’s inevitably human and modern because it extends (just like window stickers) muralism and wall art. It certainly gives meaning, but with aesthetics, poetry, and humanity to strongly contribute to your identity of the site.

Art and signage, a successful combination

A door, a glass entrance, corridors, an elevator landing, a stairwell, floor markings, service signage, totems, door signs… A signage system that we associate with art.

Directional signage to give meaning, yes but not just that! A typo? A picto? An illustration? Maybe all at once

We design them, we make them, we install them. We imagine them, we bring them to life: a design, a typography, a pictogram, a color, a material, a dimension, an illustration. We think of signage as an artistic act in its own right. They are decorative while fulfilling their obligations because they must be visible, readable and perfectly understood.

Ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly signal

Artistic and decorative signage is designed to appeal to different audiences. It guides and accompanies all the users of a site throughout their visit. So, the first question we must ask ourselves is: who are these users? Those who will enjoy being guided with courtesy, every day: users of services, visitors, staff, service providers, etc.

We then establish typical user paths to determine what information they need and when. And finally, the massage being the message, we develop green, eco-friendly, sustainable… And now inclusive and immersive signage.



Our most
recent creations in 2022

We work in France and abroad. The artistic dimension takes precedence in all Métamorphoze interventions.
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Giant fresco, xxl painted canvas,
humanizing signage.
Art in the service of design,
darchitectural decoration


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